We sell fashion accessories handcrafted with natural premium cork.

Designed and produced in Portugal by Artelusa and made for you with passion.

We represent exclusively Artelusa in Hawaii.

The brand

ARTELUSA is Portugal’s eco-friendly and sustainable luxury brand of bags and accessories made of genuine premium cork, marketed nationally and internationally. All products are handmade from Portuguese cork, a raw material, 100% recyclable, biodegradable and durable.

The company was founded in 1998. Today, ARTELUSA has customers all around the world, including the US, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Russia, Poland, South Africa, Brazil and Australia, and it continues to grow, to a world-known and recognized brand for premium cork products.

The nobility of the premium cork combined with the creativity and expertise of ARTELUSA’s designers, amazing pieces and irresistible objects are born to entice more and more customers in Portugal and worldwide. The variations in tones and textures are intentional, making each piece truly unique.

Not only the uniqueness, lightness and longevity of the products make the brand extraordinary, but also its focus on sustainability and a consciously animal-deficient production of the products.

The Material

We embraced cork because it is all natural, vegan and one of the most versatile and sustainable materials in the world.

The Design

We not only offer you the finest vegan products, but also pieces that reveal comfort, function and style.

Brand with “PETA Approved Vegan” Label

ARTELUSA was awarded the “Peta-Approved Vegan” seal, which certifies that most of the products are 100% vegan.

The world is awakening for ecological products and welcoming sustainable alternatives. Raw materials, such as cork, are increasingly gaining a premium status and popularity among consumers worldwide.

All our cork products are from Portuguese cork oak trees, from sustainable forests.

All colors in our products are organic.